Tool Control Management



Maintaining 100 percent positive tool control is absolutely crucial in military or aerospace operations. Perhaps nothing is more damaging – and possibly dangerous than FOD (foreign object debris). Whether it's a tool left inside an engine or somewhere else that a misplaced piece of equipment can cause serious harm, anything less than top-quality tool control is simply unacceptable.


Luckily GG-AS has world’s re-known solutions catered for your industry to manage tools efficiently. Our tool tracking systems pairs with line of RFID tracking devices and industrial vending and storage products to offer you the most accurate, in-depth ability to monitor and control the tools you use on a daily basis.


Our Solutions


  • Tool Control software

  • Tool vending Machines

  • Tool Cabinets

  • RFID & Scales

  • Mobile Tool management solutions




Our training program is hands-on and in-depth. You will experience all of the critical skills and tasks needed to effectively install and support a vending system. From hardware to software you're going to get: actionable content, direct hands-on experience, and new ideas for improving performance at your company.

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