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German Gulf Aviation Services is an international technology and consultancy service provider with innovation, experience and reliability. Since being founded in 2012 we have been able to serve many clients across the globe. With our team of expert Engineers and consultants we deliver comprehensive solutions to every part of aviation and other industries.


Our top management has more than 20 years of experience in managing airlines and airports around the globe. In addition, we have a Supervisory Board of industry-experienced top level managers, who contribute their expertise and business networks and ensure a high quality of our services.


Our consulting services cover the entire project lifecycle, starting with initial strategy definitions and being completed with the final implementation. This approach ensures the highest possible efficiency and quality for our customers.


Innovation is our distinctive feature. By developing and adapting innovative solutions we differentiate us from our competitors and therewith transfer the competitive advantage to our customers.


To be the dominant force in the Aviation Industry, through technical innovation and development of our workforce in, Project Delivery, Operations, Engineering, Consulting and Maintenance Management.


Continued growth and viability, a reputation for excellence, and reliability for quality services with technical capabilities meeting the needs of all our customers.

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