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Tender Management



We can help improve your chances of winning contracts. We recognize that many organizations especially SMEs are often daunted about how to win public sector contracts. Our Consultants are here to help!


Our experience in managing procurement exercises within the public sector means we understand how important winning those contracts are to businesses but it also means we can help you compete and increase your chance of being successful. We can help by:


  • planning the tender bid and how to add value to your tender bid

  • designing, layout, writing, formatting, proofreading and printing of the tender bid

  • helping you understand how tender bids are evaluated

  • assisting you in the preparation for site visits

  • providing presentation knowledge - how to present and answer presentation questions

  • providing interviewing knowledge - we can pass on our knowledge as supplier interviewers to aid you in an interview situation

  • informing you how to ask feedback from your tendering application


We can be involved in your tender bid as little or as much as you like and we will ensure that you do not waste your hard work by submitting an inadequate presented tender.

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