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Warranty Management



There is nothing more frustrating than paying for expensive items from a vendor only to have them fail prior to the anticipated and agreed upon lifecycle. Many organizations struggle with part-swapping and creating additional redundancies in their physical plants as a result of poor vendor reliability. In order to recoup funds and/or gratis replacement of failed assets, GG-AS works with clients to implement warranty management programs.


Our warranty solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of both the manufacturers and the dealers in order to achieve a service standard which gives the brand a competitive advantage.


  • Creating a full warranty management program, process and document for new and existing facilities

  • Data mining and collection of vendor data and associated warranty data

  • Equipment research of installation dates versus warranty expiration periods

  • Integrating warranty dates with equipment master data in your CMMS/EAM system and Document Management System

  • Business process mapping for handling equipment under warranty from problem identification through supplier resolution

  • Integrated reports highlighting warranty status and cost avoidance/savings realized

  • Training personnel on managing the warranty process

  • Setup of quality assurance inspection process for incoming rebuilds and repairs of assets

  • Supplier rating and performance reviews (Repair/Overhaul and OEM vendors)

  • Preventive Maintenance program on critical stored spares to maintain warranty agreements


Benefits to manufacturers, importers, dealerships and workshops


  • Significantly reduced warranty expenditure

  • Reduced amount of inappropriate / disproportionate repair work (working hours)

  • Minimized repeat repairs and repeat visits

  • Improved workshop efficiency, capacity utilization and productivity

  • Increased dealer and customer satisfaction

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